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The proposal should include a subject of the project and a short description, including deadlines for sending solutions.


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18 thoughts on “Send us your project proposal

  1. Next proposal is subject: “Collect and describe online resources for Autocad learning”

  2. Here is where we put subjects? How about “How to post in a facebook page using the features of backdating and scheduling”

  3. Topic: agile project management
    Questions / points for discussion, survey & observation:
    * is the agile PM suitable for all projects types?
    * is it possible to use it for the “soft projects”?
    * is it applicable for the structural funds projects? Pls give an example if so
    * what are pros & cons of agile PM in your opinion / experience?

  4. Projekt Bank Babcinych Bajek adresowany jest do seniorów, którzy będą pisać bajki dla dzieci. Chcemy, aby to były bajki empatyczne i terapeutyczne. Bajki nie powinny być zbyt długie , max 4 strony maszynopisu, /5-10min czytania/. Tematyka dowolna. Docelowo bajki będą udostępnione w postaci fimików na youtube.
    Koordynator projektu Joanna Bień
    adres na FB

    1. Zbyszek, would you like to open the next LR for U3A at GUT?
      I think we can continue exercises GUT swimming pool and Nordic Walking in Park Reagana.

  5. Project proposal: Supporting Moodle beginners by Video-Based instructions in YouTube.

    Description: PRO-MED sp. z o. o. is interested in preparing at least min. 10 short films in YouTube which will help a teacher to become Moodle administrator. The results of the project should be presented at the XI International GUIDE Conference 2016: NEW STRATEGIES AND TRENDS.

    Example resources:

    Language: English, Polish

    Deadline: 31.05.2016

    1. Hello,
      I would be interested in such project.
      My English level is C2. I have also some experience in using Moodle.

      Kind regards,
      Ewa Kozłowska

      Gdansk University of Technology

      1. Ewa,
        thank you for declaration and welcome on a board 🙂
        Now you are registered in your Learning Room(My Courses) in
        I am looking forward your final work.
        Please remember that the deadline is 31.05.2016
        Your teacher/consultant is Anna Grabowska from Gdansk University of Technology.

  6. Thank you John for accepting our proposal being a teacher in a Learning Room “Moodling”.
    We are working in a group which consists of 3 people.
    This LR is still opened for more students who will be involved in translation and adaptation.

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