Types of SP4CE users

 Essentially, the portal (as a system) does not fundamentally define the role that users in the system will play in the system. Assignment of roles usually takes place at the level of particular courses / learning rooms.

The primary group in the system are the students, they are given tasks to solve. The level and nature of the tasks depend on the topic of the training, its scope and the methodology of the training.

The next group is entrepreneurs, in agreement and in cooperation with teachers they propose the subject of training and individual tasks and also participate in training and evaluation.

The last group is the teachers who assign tasks, supervising the learning process. They are also responsible for the communication between system users and the final evaluation.

The developed system enables synchronous and asynchronous collaboration of defined user groups by supporting the exchange of information and resources between system users.

It is also possible to define additional users with specific  roles and tasks. An example of such a user is an evaluator whose role is to evaluate the learning process.


Role in LMS Moodle Role in SP4CE Platform Permissions


Manager Main Administrator Main Administrator performs certain administrative level tasks related to Learning Rooms, users, grade settings, etc.
Course Creator Local Administrator Local Administrator can create new Learning Rooms, modify them, including closure.
Editing Teacher Mentor Mentors can do anything within a Learning Room, including changing the activities and grading students.
Non-editing Teacher Consultant Consultant can perform consultations in Learning Room, and grade students, but may not alter activities.
Student Student Students generally have fewer privileges within a Learning Room, they take part in activities defined by mentors.
Guest Guest Guests have minimal privileges and usually can not enter text anywhere.

Table: Types of SP4CE users