The benefits of using the SP4CE system

The main benefit of the SP4CE system is the departure from the fundamental relationship teacher – student relationship teacher – entrepreneur (student) – student. Our aim is to approximate the content of the training to the actual needs of the labour market by actively involving stakeholders (stakeholders) in setting training objectives, specific tasks, and participating in the evaluation of the tasks performed, the training process and the progress of the student.

The selected platform also makes it possible to ensure the transparency of the evaluation process and the ability to collaborate online on advanced electronic projects. Examples of such cooperation are given in the examples enclosed in this manual.

All actions are automatically recorded and can be reused as training materials – examples of good or bad practices.

The system features an open learning eLearning (LMS Learning Management System) and can be tailored to specific tasks through plugin installations.

The advantage of this solution is the ability to use the system by users at a time convenient for them. This is especially important for those with a professional duty.

Another advantage of the system is the ability to restrict access to system resources. This can be done at the system level and at the level of individual resources. This is important because of the provision of confidential student resources to students as well as the nature of their work in study rooms.