How to use SP4CE portal

“Send us your project proposal” is the place where coaches who represent enterprises and industry can send their project proposal.  They can use two options “Leave a Reply” (blog) or “Contact us” (e-mail).  In both cases the proposal should include a subject of the project and a short description, including deadlines for sending solutions.

Fig.  Leave a Reply

“Senior Consultant 2016-04-17 at 07:00


Project proposal: Supporting Moodle beginners by Video-Based instructions in YouTube.


Description: PRO-MED sp. z o. o. is interested in preparing at least min. 10 short films in YouTube which will help a teacher to become Moodle administrator. The results of the project should be presented at the XI International GUIDE Conference 2016: NEW STRATEGIES AND TRENDS.


Example resources:


Language: English, Polish


Deadline: 31.05.2016”


An example project proposal


Local administrators enable the visibility of the project’s proposal on the portal .

Fig.  An example project proposal in “Leave a Reply”

The project proposal should be allocated in Learning Rooms.

Fig.   Example Learning Room (My courses)