Motivation of SP4CE users

Important part of system is motivation of users for effective usage of system for improvement of learning process.

This task requires an active participation of all system users, which is not an easy task and requires a lot of involvement.

To achieve this goal, it is important to ensure:

  • assigning students tasks corresponding to their qualifications,
  • it is important to attract students’ attention through interesting challenges – tasks,
  • continuous monitoring of system users activity,
  • accurate evaluation of achievements including feedback in descriptive form, a specific score is definitely not enough,
  • skilful use of communication systems included in the system, mainly news and forums to distribute information and enforce system activity.


Experience with the use of the SP4CE system indicates that the system supports various forms of co-operation not only on the teacher-entrepreneur-student axis but also on the problem-solving community as well as on mutual evaluation of progress by comparing different solutions.

Motivational actions can be based on elements of competition and game. The system supports badges and you can also organize list of awarded winners in the system. The survey system allows for a peer review of the progress and behaviour of all participants in the system.

Fig.  An example of using badges for motivation the system users.